Altek Leo A14: The First Smartphone With 14-Megapixel Digital Camera Lens

You have got to believe that most hardware and gadgets is going to get mixed up together someday. For example, tablet, smartphone, digital camera and laptop will eventually moving toward each other and mixed in one. I believe someday (and it won’t be a long wait) that a device that could support all of them will be manufactured. At the moment, Altek, a China-based company has started the obvious merge between digital camera and smartphones. With their Altek Leo A14, they’ve blurred the line between digital camera and smartphone.


Leo A14 is a fully functional smartphone that has been equipped with amazing 14-megapixels camera sensor, including the digital camera-like lens that could extends in and out.

As for the specification of Altek Leo A14, sadly enough it has a rather slow CPU at 800MHz only. However, this shouldn’t be the hindrance for those who love hybrid gadget. It still fast enough to do any tasks.

Altek Leo A14 has been packed with 3.2-inch WVGA capacitive touchscreen, running Android 2.1 OS, connectivity like WiFi, bluetooth, GPS also existed, as well as microSD card slot to expand the built-in capacity.

As for the camera technology, Altek Leo A14 has included 3X optical zoom, Xenon flash, can autofocus and the 14-megapixels that’s rather surpising (Nokia N8 has 12-megapixels only). Of course, this is just beginning. I’m sure someone BIG (Sony, Samsung, Canon, etc) has already had this kind of gadget hidden in their sleeve.

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