Pinball Magic: Turn iPhone Into A Pinball Machine


Pinball Magic, a new accessory for iPhone owner is an interesting piece of game gadget for pinball fans. In case you are a die-hard pinball fans that is unable to buy a real pinball machine for your living room, then this Pinball Magic might become handy for you. Of course, you have to own an iPhone/iPod Touch before you can use it. If you do own one, all you have to do is to install the app, slide in your iPhone into Pinball Magic and you will get a mini pinball machine right in front of you.

No, you won’t feel the thrills and bombastic effects of the real pinball machine, but at least it can cure your addiction if you have no time to visit the arcade center. Pinball Magic is sold for $64 a pop. If you think you can afford that, go ahead and get one for yourself via MobileFun.

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