Evoluce I-Voluce: The Gesture-Controlled 46-inch Digital Display

It seems the popularity of Kinect wireless controller has really make an impact. Things has started to move on the way to reach the state of where you could virtually control everything with gesture. It gives more futuristic touch to products that will appear in the upcoming age and eliminate the need of remote controllers.


Let’s take this new I-Voluce digital display for example. Unveiled by a company called Evoluce, this I-Voluce is an unique 46-inch display that could be controlled via your hand gestures when you are in front of it. Of course, it should has some kind of 3D sensor that could detect like Kinect before the display can actually understand what you are dancing about. According to what the source has claimed, This Evoluce I-Voluce digital display is capable of detecting gesture controller from 4 meters away.

Evoluce I-Voluce 46-inch display is made for Windows 7 as the native OS support, and it’s been stated that the device can control all sorts of Windows apps and Software using only gestures control.

Even though the company haven’t clearly declare how the gesture control will work, we have guess it could be sensitive enough to know how your hand sweep across the screen like Kinect, and using mouse will be an optional need if you this I-Voluce can be used on a PC system.

In case you want to know more about this Evoluce I-Voluce full HD 46-inch display, you can find more information at Evoluce official site.

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