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Facebook’s Like button has really become an iconic symbol for everyone who familiar with Facebook. It’s the best way to support somebody you like, and it’s also one of the very best way to ‘tip’ the effort of a webmaster who’ve done a great job with their content and articles on their website.


Perhaps it’s inspired by that, Burak Kaynak has introduced us to the wonder of Like Button Tip Box where offline customers can like you by tipping a coin into our like box.

Product: Like Button Tip Box
Do you believe in tipping ?
It is amazing how often this question is asked and debated.
Reality: Tipping is a multi billion dollar industry!
Say goodbye to the Tip Boxes because the Like Box is taking over.
Like = Tip
Society says you have to “Like” it!
Put this box in your store, and have fun!

It’s a fun way to make your customer remember you. If they like your services on your store, you can easily get this Like button tip box filled with supportive coins.

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