EyeCard: Credit Card Shaped Magnifying Glass With Nose Clamp

Check out this interesting magnifying glass that is as thin as credit card, but it offers up to 2.5 fold magnification for the users.


For a second, you might thought above image is rendered, a.k.a. concept design that is not real. However, I have to turn you down because this EyeCard is really and currently sold at Proidee for GBP16.50.

EyeCard is pretty cool since it is a kind of eyewear that come complete with a nose clamp where you can let this Eye Card rest firmly on your nose while you eyes are observing something small. What’s best is that you can slip it into your wallet or pocket like a credit card because it’s so thin.


You can get one of this at Proidee if you are interested. It’s a nice way to impress kids :)

[via TheCoolGadgets]

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