Post-It Printer Is a Smart Post-It Note-taker

In case you are lazy enough to write on your Post-It note paper for reminders or schedules, Designer Dongyeon Kim has come up with a rather interesting concept that is perfect to spoils your laziness.


This is the Post-It Printer that has a small black bar printer attached to a tray where you can slip in a pack of new Post-It notes. This Post-It Printer can print like a scanner running through a document and you can easily tear the note down when finished.


This tiny Post-It Printer will be equipped with some kind of unknown wireless connectivity (whether it is a Bluetooth or WiFi) to hook up with your mobile phone or PC system. Then it could automatically print out your reminders that you’ve input on your PC or iPhone without the need lift up your pen and write the reminder yourself. Well, you still need to input the reminders into your phone or PC though. It makes no difference IMHO.


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[YankoDesign via GadgetsIn]

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