Primitus Steampunk Gun Mod By Brandon

If you are fancy for a cool steampunk style weapons, you’ll find this Primitus Steampunk Gun mod an interesting weapon mod.


Made by the geekiest Steampunk soul – Brandon from War Paint Artisans, this Primitus gun is his first steam-themed mods that took about 6 hours (around 2 hours for 3 nights) to finish the work using a Nerf gun as the basic foundation. If you are not familiar with Nerf gun, it’s a fun war toy that shot out ammos with suction cup.

The gun is dubbed “Primitus” because it’s the first of my steam-themed mods, save for a hand-full of tiny pop guns that I painted at the last Oktoberfest Belegarth event. Primitus took me approximately 6 hours worth of work, spread across three nights which was mostly spent sanding off the Nerf logos and doing all of the dremel detail with my battery starved Mini-Mite. The chief inspirations for it are Samaritan from Hellboy and the ever impressive Dreameater by Professor Ca T Pardus.


It’s a great job that worth applause. Can’t wait to see what he will come up next.

[via WalyouThanks, Eran!]

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  • Kristi Cagle

    Brandon’s a cool guy. And his work’s really great. ^_^

  • Bgmacklem

    See people, THIS is a steampunk mod. Not a whole bunch of random metal crap thrown in at random places, but a few extra details, giving it that nice victorian-era look. But hey, gears and pipes are great too! Balance people, balance…

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