iPad 2 Gold History Edition: Cost Fortune At $8 Million

If you are super duper ultra rich person who are lucky enough to have $8 million spare cash left untouched, then you can take a look and buy this amazing iPad 2 Gold History Edition. Is not that the iPad 2 has treasure chest maps hidden in the apps, it’s because the iPad 2 has been customized with rare materials that we can find in this Earth. Such as, the very old rock ammolite, dinosaur bones (T-Rex), as well as high price 12.5 cts diamonds studs, 53 gems and special 24k gold coating.


$8 Million is really a discount when talking a rare material. If you have picked up a rear meteor stone while walking in the park, you might be able to ask for an exchange for this iPad 2 Gold History Edition.

However, this baby is the only twins in this world. That’s mean iPad 2 Gold History Edition is made in limited edition, and it’s only 2 pieces of this gems are made. If you care to check out more, you can go to Stuart Hughes website for more details.

[via SlipperyBrick]

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