Rabito iPhone 4 Case With Rabbit Ears And Fluffy Tail

If cute case is your taste, you can take a look at this new iPhone 4 case that looks very ‘playboy’ style. It’s Rabito, a strange but cute rabbit case for iPhone 4 that come complete with a pair of bunny ears and fluffy tail.


Rabito looks interesting enough for gift to girl’s birthday party. However, apart from the cuteness, I have no idea if this stuff is really good to handle and comfort for your hand. The tail might be pretty, but the prettiness might not last long and catching dirt easily.


I have no idea if the tail is washable or not, but you can always wear a glove when trying to make a call. Inconvenient, really. But it seems you can remove the tail from the case because it’s not one solid part. The tail has a suction cup that you can stick it into the iPhone back plate where you can easily remove it if it get dirty.


Well, If cutesy is all your aim, you can find this Rabito iPhone 4 case for $30.26 or 34,000 Won in Korea.

Not visiting Korea any sooner? Don’t worry, you can order one directly on KinkiRobot online shop and let them send one for you.

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