Save Your Candles, Use Edison The Petit Outdoor Lamp Instead!

With the advancement in technology, you are not required to use conventional ways to light up your dining table using candles anymore. The recent illumination gadget called Edison the Petit outdoor lamp is pretty much the best substitution to candles and let you save money buying candles once they’ve run out.

Edison the Petit Outdoor lamp is a nice little desk lamp with shade that can glow in two kind of illumination settings. Notice there is a little tag name called ‘fatboy’ that you can pull to turn the lamp on. Another pull to make it dimmer and last pull to turn it off.

Blow out your candles and save your glow-sticks for the festival season- the battery-powered Edison the Petit is here to illuminate your outdoor events. With its chunky styling and translucent white plastic it may look like the ghost of desk lamps past, but it’ll cast a friendly glow over your barbecue, garden path, or fish pond. Position it anywhere you like, in fact. With no plug or trailing cables it’s the perfect way to light up your night-time soiree.


This Edison the Petit Outdoor lamp is run on a rechargeable battery. It can be recharged via AC adapter and one charge will worth long 6 hours continuous illumination.

Edison the Petit Outdoor Lamp is yours for £54.99
or equal to $90 USD at Firebox.

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