Buffalo BRXL-PC6U2 Portable BDXL-Compatible Blu-ray Writer

Blu-ray burner is no more a bulky drive that you only find it on Desktop Drive Bay. It’s been developed into a slim external writer like what we used to see on the portable DVD-burner. Buffalo has also introduced their own version of slim external Blu-ray Writer to the market. Not only that, Buffalo’s BRXL-PC6U2 is not just another blu-ray writer. It has come with a support with BDXL-Compatible media that support up to 128GB data in one disc!


Buffalo BRXL-PC6U2 is weighing in 349 grams only, and it has score a great writing speed on several different media:

  • 6x for BD-R SL/DL (single-layer/dual-layer)
  • 4x for BD-R 3-layer/4-layer
  • 2x for BD-RE
  • 8x for DVD-R/+R/+RW
  • 6x for DVD-R/+R DL and DVD-RW
  • 5x for DVD-RAM
  • 24x for CD-R
  • 16x for CD-RW

Sadly, Buffalo BRXL-PC6U2 isn’t coming with USB 3.0 interface. Instead, it still uses USB 2.0 and there are two of them to ensure the drive has got enough power supplied when working. Quite inconvenient if you don’t have much ports available in your laptop.
This Buffalo BRXL-PC6U2 portable BDXL-compatible Blu-ray writer is going to be available later in this March for $275 per unit.

[via SoftPedia]

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