Condor: Supercomputer Built From 1,716 PS3 Consoles!


You might have heard that crazy (and fastest) super computer that cost $32,972,800 in total to make one. Yes, that’s the monstrous computer in China that has stood in the top one fastest supercomputer in the world today. But we are not going to discuss that super expensive system that will blows everyone away. Instead, let’s take a look at the newest achievement in top 40 spot, where recently Rome labs has developed another supercomputer for Air Force. The processing power might not as hellish as the China one, but what makes it unique is that the supercomputer is made entirely with PS3 consoles. Yep.

The codename for this supercomputer is “Condor”, where it’s actually a group of 1,716 PS3s tailored together. According to the developer, the speed of this 1,716 PS3s combined is actually as fast as some Top 40 supercomputer, but what makes it wonderful is the cost to build this supercomputer.


Condor supercomputer is claimed to cost $2.5 million to build. Compared to other Supercomputer builds that was built from scratch, this Condor is considered as a steal because the real supercomputer usually cost 10 times as much. According to the Air Force, this Condor is used for real time surveillance and capable of monitoring 15 square miles large areas for 24 hours x 7 days with the capability to control the cameras.

[via CrunchGear][Image Credit: John Berry/The Post-Standard]

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