Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad

No need to be hasty to find place to recharge your iPad anymore if you are on-the-go. As long as your car has the usual cigarette lighter port, then you can convert it into a handy on-the-go charger for all of your USB gadgets. For iPad, Griffin Powerjolt Micro will be one of the best answer to rejuice the iPad’s battery.


This Griffin Powerjolt Micro will be one of the most functional addon for your car since it can convert the cigarette lighter into a functional USB port when you can charge your gadgets, including PMPs, PSP, handheld console, Mobile phones, tablets, iPod, iPhone, even iPad. It also comes with one USB to Apple universal connector cable where you can use it to recharge your iPad.

[…] smokers are fast becoming an endangered species, cigarette lighters in cars are going largely unused. Which is a shame, because we’ve got bootloads of gadgets that could use the extra juice from that neglected socket.

The Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad converts your car’s cigarette lighter into a handy USB port, capable of charging your iPad, iPod or iPhone. Oh, and any other USB-compatible device as well. […]

Griffin Power Micro Features:

  • Charge your iPod, iPad or iPhone from your car’s cigarette lighter
  • Compatible with iPad 1 and iPad 2
  • Delivers 10 watts of fast charging
  • Super compact form factor
  • SmartFuse circuit breaker means no fuses to replace

Griffing Power Micro Specifications:

  • Input: 12 V DC
  • Output: 5 VDC at 2.1 amps
  • Output power: 10 watts

Despite of its premium look, this Griffin Powerjolt Micro for iPad is not an expensive converter. You can actually buy it for just £17.99 (about $29) at Firebox. If you are interested, you can check it out there.

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