Hercules XPS Diamond Is USB Speakers In Disguise

Diamond is identical to a decoration that sparks and shines in its own luxurious rays and will cost fortune to own one that is as large as this one below:


However, I doubt that there are diamonds this big exist in this world. Let take a deep look into the center of the diamond. See that driver? Yep, it’s actually a set of USB speakers in disguise. Disguised as a marvelous black diamond and this set of speaker is tagging the strongest character in the myth – Hercules.

Known as Hercules XPS Diamond USB Speakers, this set of speakers might not as strong as Hercules that can lift up a building with his finger, but at least it looks very elegant, high quality, classy, and the black diamond gives unequaled sleek feeling that would make a great decoration for your lonely desk.


This set of USB speakers are powered via one USB 2.0 cable and they are compatible with both PC and Mac OS. No driver needed for the operation because it would be detected like a normal headphones or speakers.

Hercules XPS Diamod USB Speakers Specifications:

  • 2.0 Full USB Mini-Speaker Kit
  • An outstanding design, honed to appeal to female audiences: the alliance of a unique shape, lacquered black colour and transparency effects.
  • Full USB: power and audio via one single USB cable, ensuring unequalled ease of use
  • Wired mini-remote control for volume setting s (+ / – / Mute)
  • An ideal speaker kit, designed to follow computers everywhere:
    • Super compact satellite measurements: 9 x 6 x 8.5 cm
    • Black velvet case with reinforced compartments for protection and transport
  • Magnetic-shielded speakers for an interference-free environment
  • Clear ABS base – the satellites seem to float in mid-air.
  • Product complies with ROHS standards


Hercules XPS Diamond USB Speakers will also come with its own carrying pouch that is ideal for traveler who can’t live without a speaker or can’t bear with their built-in laptop speaker. The are just measuring at 9x6x8.5cm which is pretty small to stuff into a travel bag.


If you are interested, Hercules XPS Diamond USB speaker is available for $40 in April 2011. You can find more details at Hercules website. Nope, not that superhuman heroes from the myth. :)

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