LED Color Changing Shower Head

There are more than one way to have fun with yourself when you are in toilet. One of  the favorite relax treatment when you are showing is to install a nice looking shower head that could shine in different color. We have seen one in the yesteryear, where the shower LED light can detect temperature. Now, Chinavasion has come up with an identical shower gadget with color changing and temperature sensor with self-powering feature.


This LED Color changing shower head will lit up and shine in green when the water is about 90 degree (F) or below, shine in blue when it’s about 91 to 105 degree (F), and it will shine it red when the temperature is 107 to 113 degrees (F). That’s is the three safe zone that you can still jump in and have fun with the water. However, when the shower head shine and flashing in red, you might want to readjust the water temperature before you hurt your skin and spoil the fun.

What’s great is the LED shower head will not become a burden in your electricity bill. It uses the water current to activate a mini generator that could light up the LED lamp. Sounds pretty cool for a $13.16 product! Well, you want one? If yes, then go to Chinavasion for the details.

[via GeekAlerts]

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