LEGO LunchBox

Die hard fans of LEGO should love this LEGO Lunchbox to carry their sandwiches and fruits. It doesn’t care you are children or adults, as long as you have a big passion to this LEGO Games, this LEGO lunchbox will stimulate your appetite wherever you go. It would be even better if you can pair this LEGO LunchBox with the set of LEGO knife and fork to enjoy your meal.


[…] Made to safely store all manner of meals, the LEGO Lunchbox is also small enough to slip into a backpack or school bag. There’s even a space on the underside where you can scribble your name – making sure you never lose your lunch.

So whether you have a crucial meeting ahead or worse, double PE, the LEGO Lunchbox makes sure you start your afternoon on a block-solid foundation. […]


This LEGO LunchBox is available in various kind of colors including blue, pink, red, and black. The Lunchbox itself is made with polypropylene material that is sturdy enough to carry your food, and they won’t cost you much at £9.99. Of course, if you are a creative enough, you can actually find it as a good storage for your minifigs, stationary, or kitchen utensils. Make sure to wash it well before usage.

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