LG Optimus BIG Tipped To have 4.3-inch BIG Screen

We are going to witness another new autobot family in LG Optimus appeared tagging the ‘BIG’ name as the suffix. Yes, there is a new information that LG Optimus smartphone series is going to get a BIG brother update, where the series, Optimus BIG will get a BIG screen update at 4.3-inch using the existing NOVA display technology found in LG Optimus Black smartphone.


Look at that, iPhone looks like a little brother when standing together. It’s sure a great update, especially for those who love big screen but declining to buy a tablet device. LG Optimus Big is said to be coming with 1GHz single core CPU, has T-DMB TV tuner, and will be released in Korea only. Other than that, there is no more details offered by LG. Whether they will ship them to US and Europe or not isn’t declared yet.

[via PhoneArena]

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