Samsung QWERTY Remote Control Arriving In US On April 2011


The Samsung QWERTY remote that was introduced few weeks ago is now reported to be shipping to US in April 2011. It’s late for US consumer to enjoy the new remote, but Korean Samsung TV owners (especially the premium series like series 8 or series 9) has got this remote and got their hands dirty with it few weeks ago. Of course, existing user would have to purchase it separately as the QWERTY remote is only available in the new model or newly purchase HDTV unit after the announcement back in March 18.

Samsung QWERTY TV remote will going to cost $99.99 a pop when it has landed in the States. Now question is, will you invest another 100 bucks to buy a QWERTY remote control for your TV system?

[via AkihabaraNews]
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