Glass Phone Concept By Mobiado And Aston Martin

What do you think about a transparent smartphone that could both act as a luxurious car key and fully functional smartphone with ability to connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter? Well, that’s what Mobiado and Aston Martin are working on right now. According to the source, Both Mobiado and Aston Martin is developing a “Glass Phone”, which has a see through panel (similar to LG GD900) that would display the app icons in colorful mode while offering capacitive touchscreen display.


This See-Through Glass Phone is also know as CPT002, which looks high tech enough to be featured on the next 007 James Bond movie. CPT002 Glass Phone is going to use the luxury sapphire crystal and technology blend to blow you away. It’s been stated that CPT002 Glass Phone is going to be the key to a luxurious Aston Martin car, while it also capable of sync-up and receiving data from the car when accident happened.


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