Shower With Built-in Aquarium – Fishes Will Enjoy Your Private View

Boring with your lifeless shower room? You might want to check out this Plano Acquario Shower that has a built-in fish tank if you have got enough money to spend.


It’s a cool shower room that has a built-in transparent container that you can fill it with fishes or plants. You can see the aquarium on both side. Means you can still enjoy your fishes life even you are not taking bath. However, since the Plano Acquario Shower walls are transparent, you might want to make sure to close your room’s door before taking bath to prevent peeping tom from peeking your private bits and pieces.


Of course, Aquarium is not the only option of customization. Since every Plano Acquario Shower is custom built for each customer, we can actually request to fill it with HDTV, Plants, digital display or anything else you can think of.

[via Trendir, DVICE]

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