The Audio Light Bulb: Provides Both Luminosity and Audio Enjoyment

Do you ever wish that you can enjoy your music while you are cooking in the kitchen, or taking bath in the shower without actually setting up a special speaker system there? With quick solution? Well then, Hammacher has something that will fit your need. Although it’s a little bit expensive in the budget side, their Audio Light Bulb is pretty interesting where you can enjoy a seamless audio integration at your home.


Hammacher’s wireless Audio Light Bulb is actually a wireless speaker with LED light bulb combined. It will works on any common light bulb holder where you can easily switch it with your kitchen’s light bulb. This wireless audio light bulb is coming with a crisp and full range 10-watt speaker driver, and it has come with a wireless transmitter with range up to 50-feet that you can plug into audio source.

As for the brightness of the LED light bulb, you can actually enjoy a bright light similar to any 60-watt light bulb. Enough to let you see things clearly at the night. If you are interested, you can hoop on to Hammacher to find more information about this Audio Light bulb.

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