Wireless Cycling Indicator Show Others Where You are Turning When Riding Bike

If you are switching from riding motorbike to a manual bike, you might face a little bit problem when trying to signal others that you are about to turn to either left of right side. In the conventional ways, biker/cyclist would use their hand to stretch wide to either side when trying to turn. However, it might be pretty annoying for motorbike rider who have been spoiled by the easy indicator for turning.


To solve this, here is the solution in form of a new gadget that you can installed to your bike to get a motorbike-like turning indicator. It’s a Wireless Cycling Indicator that you can control it via a separated small control panel on your handlebars.


This Wireless Cycling Indicator is especially helpful when you are biking in the night time. People will easily noticing your presence when you are trying to make a turn in the road. The Wireless Cycle Indicator runs on two AA batteries and it’s retailing for $62 a pop. Get one if you love to take a ride at night, It’s for your own safety. Unless you’ve install lots of LED lights on your bike that make people hard to not noticing you when riding bike, I see this Wireless Cycling indicator as quite a necessity.

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