Tamagotchi iD L: Virtual Pets That Needs Your Love Have Arrives in Japan


New type of Tamagotchi has been created and named as Tamagochi iD L. Unlike the traditional tamagotchi with mono color display. This Tamagotchi iD L is coming with colorful display with interesting pets like its predecessor. However, there is an extra ‘L’ that stand for ‘Love’, which mean user who try to grow the pet should treat them whole heartly like you will do with your real pet. There are more than 32 virtual Tamatomo characters that you can choose, and each will have it’s own habits and likability.

What’s more interesting is the Tamatomo character can have a love and marriage scenario like the popular Harverst Moon game. Though we have no idea if the marriage could result in a new pet born into the family or not. This Tamagotchi iD L is a serious virtual pet for those who are lonely with their own. It requires 2 AAA batteries to keep the pet alive. If you are interested, you can find it in Japan for $95 a pop.

[via Chipchick]

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