Cheap Earbuds With The Face Of Captain America

Fans of the marvel hero Captain America? The movie is going to debut in the cinema soon, so just like Tron Legacy, the merchandise for Captain America has started to pop out. The first one that come to our observation is this cheap $14.50 earbuds with the face of Captain America printed at the back of the earbud.


These noise isolating Earbud Style Captain America Headphones are engineered for quality listening. Even the patriotic superhero would approve of you using these comfort-fit earbuds featuring his likeness to listen to your music.

According to the claim, this earbuds is work on any MP3 players with audio jack, iPod or iPhone. This Earbud Style Marvel Comics Captain America Headphones is made of plastic and nothing dangerous for kids 6+ above. Of course, it’s not limited for kids only. If you are really a fans of Captain America, you can use them proudly.

[via ChipChick]

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