Reflective Gloves And Socks Makes Night Riders Aware Of Your Existence

If equipping a wireless cycling indicator is not your stuff, here is a new alternative to let those blind night riders aware of your existence to prevent from hitting you innocently.


This is the reflective gloves and Socks set that will illuminate once it has been blessed with the shines from car’s or motorcycle font light. Especially on the gloves, there is arrow sign that you can use to make sign that you are about to make a turn.

Unlike the wireless cycling indicator that free you from stretching your arm to do the sign, you’ll have to do the hand waving manually on every turns to make sure of your safety. However, these socks and gloves are also useful even you are not riding bike. Walking in the dark street could be pretty useful too.

According to our source, these socks and gloves are available in a one-universal-size with unisex design. It’s available for GBP15 or about $24 a pair.

[via TheCoolGadgets]

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