Sony XPERIA Play and NGP: Getting Music Unlimited service from Sony Soon

Looks like the future of Sony XPERIA Play and Sony NGP (Next Gen Portable) is quite bright. Sony has planned and made a statement that the owner of NGP will get Music Unlimited service in the matter of weeks. Sony Network Entertainment VP Shawn Layden also added that the Android based XPERIA Play will get this service on this year. Sadly, Sony is not releasing any actual date about the availability of this music service.


But with this, it clearly give gamers more reason to buy NGP or XPERIA Play if they love music. Both gadgets are strong guys in the block, and we are certainly positive that we are going to grab one when it’s available in our area. The dual touchscreen function and capability to ‘play’ ps3 games on NGP is too tempting to no getting our hands dirty.

[via TechFever]

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