Wasabi Wooden Case for Both iPad and iPad 2 With No Burning Sensation

If you are have ever stop by a Sushi restaurant, you might have taste how ‘good’ that green wasabi is. It’s amazingly hot, burning, like you are having firework festival inside your mouth and brain. Super hot chilli-sauce that mostlikely I won’t taste it for twice. However, this version of Wasabi is not related to food. Instead, Wasabi Wooden Case is a new iPad and iPad 2 case made by Wasabi collection from the Land of Rising Sun.


This Wasabi Wooden Cases for iPad and iPad 2 can be accompanied with five ukiyo-e, which is known as the famous woodblock print in Japanese’s 19th century artist Katsishika Hokusai. The wooden case itself is made with African Mahogany that has a nice wood texture.


Sadly, since it’s made of wood, it might add some weight to your lightweight iPad 2. And one more obstacle to cross to own this product is to pay a hefty price at $272 a pop. Well, if you have got lots of money to spend, you can get one at GeekStuff4U.

[via Winarco]

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