LG Virus Pro: New Compact Ion Based Virus Washer


In South Korea, LG has introduced a new air purifier called “LG Virus Pro” that is capable of ‘washing virus’ in the air. We are not sure how this device work, but apparently, LG Virus Pro is using some kind of NPI (Nano Plasma Ion) technology that released thousands of Ion into the air that could kills up to 99% of known virus in the radius of 10 meters.


That’s quite amazing as if you are using LG Virus Pro in a small apartment, all of your room could be freed from known viruses and let you life healthily once you are at home. LG Virus Pro is only consuming about 1.9 watts when working, and it seems it will keep working as there is no indication that this LG Virus Pro will stop emitting Ions for a certain duration of time, unless you unplug the cable from the power source.

LG Virus Pro Virus washing air purifier is going to hit South Korea soon for 159,000 Won, or equal to $146 in US.

[LG via Akihabara]

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