SpinningHat TypeScreen Turns Your iPad/iPad 2 Into Retro Typewriter

New area typist might never had the chance to land their fingers upon the retro typewriter that requires a lot of fingers muscle to type a sentences. However, if you are currently owning an iPad and you want to test out how is the feeling of those old generation in perfecting their typing with retro typewriter, then you can check out this new gadget that will turn your ipad into an old (but hi-tech) typewriter.


Just slip in your iPad into the paper feeder, adjust the typebar and you are good to go. What’s great is that there is no more hassle when the typebars will crashing on each other when you are typing as fast as a speeding bullet. This stuff is called TypeScreen from Spinning Hat.

TypeScreen is compatible with both iPad and iPad 2, officially licensed by Apple, and it’s available for limited edition only. Interested to get your hands dirty with the old typewriter? Get it for £35 at SpinningHat.

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