GoPano Micro Lets Your iPhone 4 Captures 360-degree Panoramic Video

GoPano micro - Capture 360-degree videos from an iPhone 4

If panorama sweep photo taking sounds amazing for you, then this 360-degree Panoramic Video capturing will certainly blow you away. You are lucky if you have an iPhone 4 with you. Recently, Michael Rondinelli has developed this unique “GoPano Micro” lens that you can attached to your iPhone 4 camera and let it see the world in complete 360-degree. I’m not sure how is the exact structure inside this GoPano, but with this attachment, any Panarama Sweep cameras are losing their battle before the war starts. Beside it can see in full circle, GoPano Micro will let your iPhone 4 record everything in view in real time. Watch the video demo after the jump.

Michael is currently trying to collect as much fund as possible so he can kickstart the production. You can help him if you think GoPano Micro will be useful for you. Pledge something like $50 at Kickstarter to help him.

[GoPano micro lets you capture 360º videos with an iPhone 4 via Ubergizmo]

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