Seagate GoFlex Slim Drive Is Now Available

Seagate has released their GoFlex Slim External Hard drive to the market now and it’s has started shipping to various online/offline retailers in the US. Seagate GoFlex Slim external hard drive is well known of its thinness, where it’s actually pencil thin and lots of its fat has been sliced from the original GoFlex series. GoFlex Slim Drive is only 160g in weight, and it measures at just 124mm x 78mm x 9mm which is easily to find place for storage.

Seagate GoFlex Slim External Hard Drive

Seagate offered the 320GB version for now, but I’m sure they will offer more capacity choices like 500GB, 640GB or 750GB in the future.

The best of feature on Seagate GoFlex Slim external is the inclusion of the latest Superspeed USB 3.0 connectivity. With the rotary speed at 7200RPM, I’m sure this Seagate GoFlex Slim Drive is fastest enough to crunch Gigabytes of data in the matter of few minutes. According to the claim, the transfer speed of GoFlex Slim drive is about 40MB/s. If you are a Mac user, this GoFlex Slim drive is also supported both reading and writing with NTFS formatted driver for Mac OS.

Seagate GoFlex Slim Drive external hard disk is also coming with Seagate Dashboard software that allow you to backups and encrypt your files and store it securely. It has started shipping for $99 (320GB model), you should be able to find it soon on your favorite tech store.

Optionally, Both Netbooks and Gottabemobile are holding a great contest where you can win this Seagate GoFlex Slim hard drive. There are total of 6 Seagate GoFlex Slim up for grab, so make sure to enter and win the prize!

[Seagate ships pencil-thick GoFlex Slim external hard drive via TechSpot]

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