Fuuvi Digicam With USB flash drive Built-in

What do you think about a digital camera that is as small as a flash drive? If you are interested, you can check out this Fuuvi Digicam.

Fuuvi Digicam With USB flash drive Built-in

Fuuvi Digital camera has 2-megapixels camera lens, two buttons for either taking photo or recording video, and there is no such thing as LCD display to preview the images. No where to peek like retro camera, all you can do is use your imagination and prediction when taking a photograph. What’s best is that Fuuvi Digital camera can be used as an USB flash drive!

Fuuvi digicam has a slot to fit in one microSD card in one side, while the other side there is a USB connector that you can use to plug into PC or desktop. As for the resolution, Fuuvi digicam can take pictures in 1280 x 1024p while it can take video at 720 x 480p 30fps.

Fuuvi Digicam With USB flash drive Built-in - Colorful Series

Fuuvi Digital camera is available in variety of color selection and each of them is available for $60 only.

[Fuuvi digicam doubles up a USB flash drive via TechChee]

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