Linksys E-Series Router Is Yet Another Nice Looking Wireless Router Series

As what I’ve known so far, Linksys is the first company to rolled out their wireless router or wireless modem with amazing appearance and design. We all know that those wireless modems are away on the dark side – hidden somewhere people wouldn’t notice of their existence while it can still provide it fastest connection for the users. So appearance and good design on this device is actually quite useless. However, if you think you are going to place it somewhere visible to others and want them to be impressed, you can take a look at this new Linksys E-Series Wireless router.


In this E-Series Family, Linksys has cramped out 5 new models that could handle fast 450Mbps (roughly) data transfers. Also, they’ve come with 3×3 spatial stream configuration to enlarge the wireless network zone and reduce dead spots. For the top model, the wireless router has been equipped with dual band 802.11n and probably will be treated with the best and fastest transfer support.

Even better, Cisco Linksys E-series wireless router has been equipped with virtual USB technology. This technology allows us to hook up USB printers, storage, or any USB device over the network without actually plug-in any USB connector to the router.

There is no news when Cisco Linksys will launch these E-Series wireless router yet. But when it has become available, the price range should be around $59.99 to $179.99 depending on which model you are taking.

[Cisco Intros Stylish New Linksys E-Series Of Routers viaHotHardware]

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