Samsung Want To Secure Your Door With EZON Digital Door Lock Series

When talking about Samsung, my association is always about their HDTV and home entertainment system. It’s pretty rare that I would name Samsung when trying to find a digital door lock to secure the door. Of course, later in the future, I should chance my association too as Samsung has just stepped in their ‘big foot’ into the home security niche.

samsung ezon digital door lock

Over at Seoul Commtech, which was one of Samsung’s subsidiary group has introduced a new digital door lock called EZON at the International Security Conference in Las Vegas. I bet people on ISC might have caught some surprised to see Samsung popped out in that expo. Although it’s Korean product, this EZON digital door lock is actually made for the consumers in the United States.

Mainly, there are five new models being introduced, including SHS-7020, SHS-7120, SHS-7100, SHS-3420 and SHS-2320. These EZON digital door lock has been properly certified by Underwriter Laboratory, and users who purchase this door lock will not have any kind of technical installation problem. It could be easily fitted into any mechanical locks without much hassle.

Directly above the door handle, there is a touchscreen display where you can input combination keys to unlock the door without keys. Sadly, there is no fingerprint scanner found on these EZON digital door lock series. It’s not really that hi-tech if you are going to compare with the previous bio-matic lock that we have covered.

Although it’s not mentioned at SamsungHub, I suspect the EZON digital door lock series is running on battery. It couldn’t possible to get power from the sun since there is no solar panel in this door lock.

As for the price, along with the availability, Samsung EZON digital door lock is still a mystery. Probably will be here in the Q2 or Q3 of 2011.

[Samsung EZON Digital Door Lock Series via TechFresh]

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