Sanyo Eneloop Mobile Booster for Instant Power Backup For Portable Device

Sanyo recently has just rolled out a new instant power backup solution for portable device called KBC-L2. This KBC-L2 is also known as eneloop mobile booster, which is a small white device with one button at the top that looks ridiculously simple, but it is actually quite helpful to juice up your mobile devices.

Sanyo eneloop mobile booster has 5000mAh of power, can charge two devices simultaneously since KBC-L2 has two USB outputs. Once the battery juice has run out, you can refill it by plugin into the power outlet for 7 hours. Quite a long time to way, actually. But 5000mAh power backup should be able to recharge a cell phone couple of times.

Technically, Sanyo has stated that their Eneloop mobile booster KBC-L2 instant power backup can provide up to 240 minutes of extra power, and there is a battery indicator to let you know when you should recharge it.

This Sanyo Eneloop mobile booster KBC-L2 has been set to release for $79.99.

[Sanyo eneloop mobile booster for instant backup via UberGizmo][Press Release]

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