Tokyoflash 24/7 Driver Concept – Cool Watch With Phosphorescent Ink

Simply amazing on how Tokyoflash is capable of coming up with never ending type of watch design to impress us. We have seen many version of Tokyoflash watches, but this 24/7 Driver watch concept should be nominated as the simplest analog watch that Tokyoflash ever created. Most Tokyoflash watches are very difficult to read, but not on this 24/7 driver concept watch.


There are two types of 24/7 Driver concept, one coming with a blue line, the other is coming with a white color overlay that show the hour time. What’s amazing on this watch is the phosphosrescent ink that will make the reading much better when on the night time. As if the watch has also got their own ‘night time’ to have fun. Sadly, it’s just a concept at the moment. But who knows Tokyoflash will really release it for the market?


[via 24/7 Driver – An Analog Watch Design with Dials via Tokyoflash]

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