Fun Star Wars Rubber Ducks For Your Bathtub ‘Ducky War’

Rubber duck is actually quite a childish toy that uses to make toddlers stay busy in the bathtub while taking bath. However, If you are still love to play with them when taking bath and at the same time you are a Star Wars fans, ForbiddenPlanet has something interesting for you.


Meet the Star Wars Rubber Ducks, which is the world’s first rubber ducks with characteristic and interesting blend with the heroes and foes of Star Wars movie. Yes, they will shine in many color like the previous colorful funky ducky do, and they also do have a colorful color design, especially for Princess Layer and Luke Pondwalker version. How about Darth Vader? Or course, It’s all that ‘Darky’ helmet plus some with belly. Nothing looks friendly on both Storm trooper and Darth Vader version.


As for how long the illumination will continue, each battery set in these rubber ducky has around 45 hours before it dimmed out ask for exchange. If taking bath took about 1 hour, you can enjoy the soothing effects for 45 baths.

If you are interested, you can order them now for £6.99 at ForbiddenPlanet.

UPDATE: Ops, it’s not available anymore. Too bad, but you can find other alternatives here!

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