Big Foot Casemod? Meet The 4×4 IN WIN Griffin Casemod

I’m not sure if it’s big foot or not, I can only see 5 mud friendly wheels installed on an IN WIN griffin-Y PC case. So what’s make this custom modification special?


I would like to say that the Shovel is completely useless. But the fog lights might be a little useful when you are gaming in the dark room. However, the casemod shouldn’t able to move around like a real car or remote controlled car. It’s just a decoration to turn the PC case into a land rover(?) type of car that looks very strong and macho. However, how “Macho” this PC will be is still depend on what has hosted inside.

No further information has been reported by Technabob regarding the specification. While the case mod looks pretty interesting, we are still hoping the the creator has included some cool specs as well.

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