Gigabyte ECO600 Wireless Mouse With Blue-Glowing LED Indicator

Gigabyte has just rolled out a new wireless mouse called ECO600. This new wireless mouse is pretty cool with three small strips of blue-glowing LED indicator system for the DPI switch buttons below the scroll wheel.


Users are allowed to change the ECO600 wireless mouse sensitivity from 800, 1200 to 1600 DPI via button pushes. To stand up to its own name, this gigabyte ECO600 is really an eco-friendly mouse that operate on two AA size battery for 12-months of operation time!

As for the connectivity, Gigabyte ECO600 is not coming with bluetooth. It’s still using the 2.4GHz wireless technology by using a nano USB receiver as the wireless receiver. Big downside here for those who have lack of USB port in their netbook or laptop. For comfortability reason, Gigabyte has wrapped this wireless mouse with rubber to improve the grip, and they have prepared two customizable buttons for you in case you want to reprogram it with different functionality.

At the moment, Gigabyte haven’t release the full pricing and availability details yet.

[Gigabyte ECO600 Wireless Mouse]

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