Mouth Watering Fuuvi Chocolate Digital Camera

Remember Fuuvi digicam, anyone? The company has just added a new product called Fuuvi Chocolate Digital Camera that is shaping like an edible tasty chocolate where you can munch ’em when hungry. Well, no you can’t eat that anyway.


Unlike their Fuuvi digicam, this Fuuvi Chocolate digital camera take a bigger size in to the count. However, it’s sad that the company is only stuffing 0.3-megapixel CMOS lens with 640 x 480 resolution into this camera, and it’s only capable of storing up to 76 VGA quality images in total. The Fuuvi is practically better, but if you are looking into something unique, this $49.99 Fuuvi Chocolate camera is certainly a fun gadget to get.

[Fuuvi Chocolate Digital Camera via Chipchick]

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