NuScreen HD Helps Smartphone Users From Wiping Their Screen Again and Again

Feeling like an idiot wiping your smartphone’s screen again and again because of the smudges, body oils and fingerprints? No worry, NuScreen HD will help you to ease your pain.


No, it’s not related to some Nu’de’ scene, this NuScreen HD is a balm-like (or vitamin lipstick) little tube containing ‘magic’ non-greasy material that once you’ve rubbed on your smartphone’s screen, it will left a slippery smooth, non-greasy, shiny surface that helps prevent from fingerprints or smudges left from body oils.

Indeed, wiping the screen again and again looks like an idiot. Especially you are that ‘Oily’ type and sweat a lot. NuScreen HD will put you out of the screen wiping misery (if you think it is) for just $20/tube. It would be better if NuScreen HD can kills germs too!

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