Ralph Lauren Introduces Solar Panel Backpack

No only the geek want to stay updated with the latest tech and gadgets, even the clothing giant like Ralph Lauren doesn’t want to be left behind. It’s been awhile a tech-fashion jargon existed in the market, and today it’s been flourished once again by RL with their RLX Solar Panel Backpack.


Why solar panel, you’d say? Well, nowadays people are racing toward to live a greener life for their own good and as a move to love the mother earth and protect it. Solar panel generate power naturally without burning any fossil resources and it won’t emit any hazardous gas to polluted the air. Ralph Lauren has done a great job in keeping with the green technology and I believe their hard work will pays off in the future.

Their latest RLX solar panel backpack has the solar panel mounted on the read side of the bag, where it can capture sun’s energy while you are piggybacking the bag around the street.


Ralph Lauren made RLX solar panel backpack available in two color choices, including black and and lively orange color that most youth will prefer to get one.

You can find the details of RL solar panel backpack at RalphLauren website, while the backpack itself will cost you $795 to own one. Well, a price that you should expect from a branded one.

Want to save some of your money? You can coupon code “RELIEF” (without the quotes – coupon expires on April 14) to save 25% on all orders with no minimum purchase required. The coupon even stackable and about 10% of the total amount will be donated to the Japan relief effort. Buying green product with discount while helping others? Sounds like a great idea to me.


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