SAT119 Fire Extinguisher Works Like A Magic Grenade

Putting off fire is not really a hard task these days as the japanese inventor has invented SAT119, which is a kind of idiot-proof type of fire extinguisher without the have to lift heavy tub when putting off a fire.


SAT119 is looking like a cosmetic water. Reason? It’s blue colored, looks like a super power drink, but it’s not one that will revitalize your body. SATA119 is containing liquid carbon dioxide that could snuffs the oxygen instantly. All users have to do is to throw the bottle right into the blazing fire and poof! the fire out in just seconds count.

However, it’s sad that the container is only capable of ‘eliminating small amount of fire in a small area. If a big size fire accident is happening, this SAT119 won’t be any helpful, except if you can get hundreds of them and throw it at the same time to the fire location.

SAT119 fire extinguisher is currently out of stock. So we have no idea if you can get one or not.

Btw, do you notice that small red packages in the picture above? It’s not containing any tomato or chilli ketchup for your hamburger. Inside you can find a high grade potassium carbonate made ready to put of fire in the kitchen. Well, in case you’ve made weird cooking and inflicted weird fire chemistry, just use the package and the fire shall gone at ease.


[SAT 119: Blue Liquid Simple Fire Extinguisher For Households via The Cool Gadgets]

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