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The Beach Friendly JoyFactory RainBallet Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

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I’m sure no one would love their iPhone 4 to taste the salt water while they are partying at the beach in the upcoming Summer holidays. Most iPhone 4 owners might have already equipped themselves with some kind of waterproof protection to protect their valuables from the heartless sea water (at least to electronics). However, if you haven’t got any suggestion of what kind of protection is great for your iPhone 4, here we have found one that looks pretty cool.

JoyFactory RainBallet Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

This is the RainBallet, a brand new waterproof iPhone 4 case made by JoyFactory. If you remember, Joyfactory is the one who’ve made the nice JoyFactory Palette iPad Case With Strong Hinges. We should expect the same quality on this RainBallet iPhone 4 case.

JoyFactory RainBallet Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

Beside providing waterproof space inside the case using proprietary Intelli-filter design that blocks water out, RainBallet also coming with Sharpvue lenses at the camera zone to increase the quality of photo-taking even it’s under water. The case blocks only water from entering the inner chamber, so the sounds and video will perform excellently even with the case installed.

JoyFactory RainBallet Waterproof iPhone 4 Case

JoyFactory RainBallet waterproof case is a perfect investment to protect your iPhone 4 in this Summer time, and I’m sure $39.95 is not an expensive stuff to get.

[RainBallet Waterproof iPhone 4 Case is Ready to Sing in the… via Chipchick]
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