What Is The Fastest SDHC Card? Delkin Elite 633 Is The Answer!

delkin-elite-633-sdhc-memory-cardEverybody wants to claim to be the world’s “something” that worth a mention. Such as the world’s biggest, world’s coolest, and world’s fastest, to just name a few. Talking about the world’s fastest title, recently in the memory module market, A company called Delkin has just claimed it with their Delkin Elite 633 SDHC card. They’ve claimed that their SDHC card is the fastest of all, where it can actually write data in 80MPbps and read data in 95MBps!

However, we are not really impressed with this achievement. With recent ‘race’ to claim the thrown of the fastest performance memory card, we have seen countless of products being claimed as the fastest, and will drop down from the list in the matter of weeks before some company has come up with even better and faster solution.

Just a word of notice, this kind of SDHC memory card is really not something that you can purchase in bargain price. They ought to cost you hundreds or dollars in exchange for their speed and low capacity (at most 64GB only). However, through 108p video recording expert might valued this type of memory card because it ensures no lag in recording and enables them to record 3D movies, high resolution shots and faster RAW files processing.

Still want to know the price? It’s $440 a piece.


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