Amazon Kindle Is Now $114 Only (WIFI Model)

It seems Jeff has launched a new version of Amazon Kindle and it’s now priced for just $114 only. Known as “Kindle With Special Offers“, this special version is in fact $25 cheaper than the existing model.


However, from the specification list, it seems there is no much different at all. Except, Amazon Kindle with special offers has no 3G access (WiFi-only) but has several new features like Kindle book lending, access to Audible audiobooks and a special offers screensaver.

In marketing talk, this new WiFi-only Kindle is actually just a new model that accept advertisement and promotion from Amazon. Each time when you are starting up the Kindle, you will get a home screen with offers and deals on new Kindle books or advertisement.

Kindle user then can click on the advertisement and buy anything offered on the special offer page on amazon. Question is, will people intentionally trying to buy themselves a device that will serve ads on their reading time just because they want to save $25? I hope I’m not missing something here.

[via Amazon and GG]

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