Apple iPad 3 Could Be Coming With Carbon Fiber Case

Before Apple iPad 2 released, there are some sort of rumors indicating that the tablet will be coming with the lightweight but sturdy carbon fiber housing. However, there is no such thing when iPad 2 was officially announced. It turned out that the rumor just another groundless rumor made by the carbon fiber enthusiasts.


However, there is an indication of good news now where Apple will actually using carbon fiber casing on their future iPad 3 or any other future Apple devices. Why? Because recently Apple has just recruited Kevin Kenney, the Senior Composites Engineer whose has experience and expertise with carbon fiber.

Kevin Kenney’s previous job was the CEO of Kestrel Bikes, who make lots of carbon fiber bikes for the sporty market. Of course, since Apple has hired him, there is a positive indication that iPad 3 might coming with this sturdy protection case. However, we don’t want to start any groundless speculation either. Let’s just wait and see. We are also curious about what’s cooking in Apple’s kitchen.

[via IntoMobile]

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