Packard Bell Launching Liberty Tab Honeycomb Tablet

We are wondering why Acer want to duplicate their product with a little twist and spins, but it seems they’ve spotted some profitable plan by doing so. Recently, Acer has sent of their Iconia Tab A500 to Packard Bell (which is one of Acer’s subsidiary) and let them spin it off and rebranded as Packard Bell Liberty Tab.


From the specification list, it seems there is not much different at all. You can find the same Tegra 2 SoC, 10-inch screen, dual camera, HoneyComb OS, and more. Will this spin-off sell much better than the original model is still a question. But I think Acer have their own bet to stack of. We haven’t heard of Packard Bell for awhile, so Acer might want to revive this brand once again with their technology.

We haven’t heard about the launching date and pricing details yet. However, it should be standing closely with Iconia Tab A500 and will hit Europe sometime in June (according to our source).

Watch the following hands on video (courtesy of Notebook Italia):

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