RCA Hybrid Portable Digital TVs Unleashed

RCA from US has just announces a series of new Hybrid Portable Digital TVs that should work with both Mobile DTV and standard digital TV signals. There are four models in total, including RCA DMT335R, DMT336R, DMT270R and DMT3BR.


All four of these hybrid portable digital TVs are coming with different features and screen sizes. For RCA DMT335R, this model is coming with 3.5-inch LED backlit LCD screen with closed captioning and available in blue, white and pink color.

Jump down to the next model, RCA DMT336R is featuring widescreen 3.5-inch display with FM Radio tuner. As for DMT270R, this RCA hybrid portable digital TV has larger screen at 7-inch and a lot more features.

As for the last one, The RCA DMT3BR is a pocket Mobile DTV car tuner that features the same features as the others, but the only different is that it can connect to car’s infotainment system.

RCA DMT335R, DMT336R, DMT270R and DMT3BR is going to cost $119, $159, $179 and $129, respectively.

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