G-Form Extreme Sleeve For iPad and iPad 2

Would you want to drop a bowling ball directly to your iPad? Neither am I. But that’s what Thom Carfaro has done to his iPad. Well, it’s not really a kind of cruel treatment to his investment. It’s just a test to show how strong this G-Form Extreme Sleeve is when an iPad is stored inside the hut. Watch the video after the jump.



Yep, this is the super sturdy G-Form Extreme Sleeve with RPT technology is made with molded PORON® XRD™ material that could provide consistent and repeated impact absorption. Although it looks tough like a turtle shell, this G-Form Extreme Sleeve for iPad or iPad 2 is soft, flexible, lightweight and water-resistant.

This G-Form Extreme Sleeve is available in two color choices: Yellow and Black for $59.95 a pop. You can find more information and user review over at G-Form website.

[Source: BookOfJoe]

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